The road to SMOGCON – part 5

Posted: January 19, 2016 in Gaming, Trollbloods

I decided to play a different list this week – tier 4 50pt Doomshaper. This is a list I have always to play particularly with loads of Runeshapers as I love the models. Across the table 50pts of Cephalyx mercenaries.


I literally just chucked the models on the table with a couple of substitutes having not prepared in any way. A quick read through the cards and the strategy was fairly clear. The Trolls would need to block up to make good use of the armour buff from the Krielstone. There would be further buffing of the armour of the beasts through the Earthborn’s animus and the walls gained through Janissa and Doomshaper’s tier 4 benefit. The Runeshapers would protect the flanks and with Rockhammer they had a decent attack to clear the horde of Cephalyx infantry.




The two forces closed on each other and it became clear this was going to be a war of attrition. The Cephalyx struck first nearly killling Mulg and this put the Trolls on the back-foot. They were able to retaliate taking out the first Cephalyx heavy. The Runeshapers threw a load of Rockhammers into the advancing horde causing a good deal of mayhem.


After these initial exchanges I felt that the Trolls were marginally ahead but the beasts, especially Mulg, had taken some pubishment. The next strike would be crucial and it was some relief when Mulg wallopped the other Cephalyx heavy putting the Trolls in a good position.



At this point my opponent threw in the towel feeling that it was just a matter of time before one of the Dire Trolls laid hands on his ‘caster. It had been an entertaining game and I am pleased to have played a list I have always been interested in.
Sadly I doubt I will have time to paint the required models for SMOGCON, but I certainly want to play this list again. The Runeshapers did a great job of protecting the flanks and the buffed Troll brick in the centre was durable with decent counter-punch potential. Doomshaper didn’t feature much in the game and his spell list means he is much better suited to fighting another Hordes army. For me the find of the game was the Earthborn. I really like the animus and the way it interacts with scenery elements. I think adding one of these guys is a high priority.


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