Double whammy for the Trolls

Posted: September 19, 2013 in Gaming, Trollbloods

Two games of Warmahordes recently. Both ended badly for the Trolls but were great fun.

Game 1 saw Calandra beaten my Makeda. The Trolls played too defensively and handed the Skorne an easy win on the scenario.



The second game was much closer and saw Grim beaten narrowly by Vayl. In fact at one point Grim had netted Vayl with his snare gun and it looked like a group of plucky Pygs were going to blow her away. Unfortunately Vayl had a trick up her sleeve and an Angelius darted in to block the Pyg’s line of sight. Poor old Grim was left high and dry and was taken down next turn.
The Mountain King made his debut in this game and although he didn’t do a tremendous amount he was a credible threat so will be interested in using him again.



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