Infinity Med-Tech and Slaves

Posted: June 11, 2014 in Infinity, Painting and Modelling

These guys seem quite useful in campaign games so I’ve brought them to the front of the painting list. They have an insectoid feel to them which is something I struggled with when I painted the Vector Operator. This time I’m going to try something different to capture a chitin like effect.
I’ve decided to have a go with some pastels. The great thing about these is that once on it’s relatively easy to rub off bits you don’t like to leave a weathered feel. Alternatively you can rub the lot off and start again. The finished effect needs to be sealed with a pigment fixer and varnish.

Here is the Med-tech with base colours done and some of the pastel colour scraped off with a scalpel.


Using a brush, a small piece of foam, a scalpel and my finger I messed around with the pastels until I achieved what I hope if the desired effect.


I’ve also added a little red ink and thraka green to the shadows while the eyes have some metallic paint. What do you think? I’ll have another look with fresh eyes tomorrow 🙂

  1. Leeman says:

    That’s really cool – I love the use of pastels to get the mottled appearance – I may have to give that a go myself some day!

  2. Argentbadger says:

    That’s a great effect. How easy is it to do this in practice? You say it is simple to go back and start again, but how much work went into getting the desired look?

    • nurgleonbass says:

      Thanks. It’s not completely straight forward. It does need some practise and patience. Quite a lot of work and several attempts were needed but I should now be faster on the rest of the mini if I go for this technique.

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