Infinity Campaign part 2 : Combined Army recover agent from shuttle crash

Posted: June 10, 2014 in Gaming, Infinity, Uncategorized

A very cinematic 2nd campaign game this weekend. This time my Combined army faced off against Nomads. At the centre of the board a crashed shuttle and 8 escape pods. In the pods were 3 survivors, one of which was an agent and one of which was the Nomad agent (possibly the same one!). To complicate matters 2 pods were damaged and ready to explode and 3 contained nothing. As you’ve probably guessed we wouldn’t know until we opened them!



I had decided to go with the Charontid as lieutenant this time and looking at the pods getting it amongst them was going to be key in deciding the outcome.

On the other flank I put the Vector and a slave drone; two fast models to try and get to the pods that would be out of the Charontids reach.

The sneaky Nomads set up a guided missile drone behind a radar station. Luckily my Vector was a hacker so hopefully I would be able to do something about this.

In the early action I managed to extract an agent from a pod and find a couple of empties. The Nomads were unlucky with both pods they reached exploding! Unfortunately the Vector went down to a guided missile despite his best efforts to hack it. The good news was that the Charontid found a good position in cover near the remaining pods.

At this point I decided to combat jump my Rasyat in but unfortunately he was too close to the Nomads and they shot him down as he landed. I won’t make the mistake of landing in a zone of control again!

Meanwhile my Shrouded was doing great work checking out the pods under the covering fire of the Charontid. Eventually the penultimate pod revealed my agent.

In the final moments the Nomads were forced into retreat before locating their agent that was in the last pod. The Charontid escorted my agent to the exit point and they were joined by most of my remaining models.


A great game played in good spirit. I really enjoyed the storyline and looking forward to more soon.


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