Infinity Campaign : part 1 : Haqqislam grab the Intel and Bioartifact

Posted: June 1, 2014 in Gaming, Infinity

Not many posts recently as I have been putting most of my hobby time into preparing stuff for an Infinity Campaign at my local club. We played the first round of games this evening. The games revolved around two missions: firstly hacking a computer system for intelligence and secondly loading an important crate into a shuttle and hacking the autopilot to deliver it to a mother-ship.
There were two identical games being played, both 250 points per side. On the other table Nomads vs. Yu Jing and in my table the Combined Army against Haqqislam.


In the early exchanges the Haqqislam successfully hacked the computer and destroyed the terminal denying the Combined Army the chance to gather the intel as well.

The focus of the game then turned to the crate and shuttle. There was a tense face over the crate, however, during the game the Combined Army had taken heavier casualties, and they were quickly forced into a retreat situation. It was then a simple job for the remaining Haqqislam forces to load the crate and fly the shuttle off the board while the Combined Army retreated.



On the other table the story was similar with the Nomads in retreat, although they did manage to take the intel from the computer system.
So, a great start to the Campaign, although on a personal level a shame that the Combined Army didn’t gain much XP from the game.


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