Kingdom Death – Monster Sunday -Part 4

Posted: December 21, 2015 in Gaming, Kingdom of Death

This evening Lion’s Bane and his partner Betty Bane embarked on their quest to rebuild Lion’s Burg following the devastation left by the Butcher. As the final two Survivors it was vital that they discovered Intimacy in order to build the population up. Sadly fate was once again cruel and Lion’s Bane was hideously scared from an exploding lantern and was forced to leave Betty all alone. Now with only one survivor left Lion’s Burg was in a desperate situation.
To cut an unexpectedly long story short Betty went on to kill two further Lion’s and build a very effective gear grid that included complete sets of hide and then leather armour. Key to this success was the affinity between her hide head and body armour that allowed her to turn over two Lion AI cards and rearrange them as she chose. This often meant that she was able to manipulate the Lion into ‘sniffing’ and allowed her to get plenty of unanswered damage in with her bone axe.
There were plenty of other interesting events in the session including meeting the King’s Men for the first time and gaining the Phoenix as a potential quarry. While it does seem possible to build a settlement back from one survivor the odds of this happening are very very slim. We concluded that although Betty was having little trouble dealing with level 1 Lions it was only a matter of time before one got her or an event in the storyline would finish her off. Rather than work through what may have turned out to be several more hours of gradually beating up Lions before the inevitable happened, we gave thanks to Betty for teaching us more about the game and showing us what a Survivor could achieve before retiring her and Lion’s Burg.


So, I’ve played quite a few games of Monster now and still feel I’ve only scratched the surface. It’s a lot of fun and can be very brutal and frustrating. Lion’s Burg got off to a great start but three factors led to failure. The first was failing to get any new births in the settlement – not one! This was in the main bad luck with the dice. It seems that a settlement can expect to lose one or two survivors each year so there really must be a fairly steady birth rate to balance this. The second factor was taking six survivors against the Antelope. The buff the Antelope got was deadly and resulted in the loss of five survivors in this showdown. The third and final problem came with the failure to take bandages against the Butcher plus the wasted opportunity to lead him away from the settlement by sacrificing one survivor. With hindsight it should be possible to mitigate against these problems next time.
One thing that became clear from Betty’s success in the final session was the importance of a good gear grid and manipulating the monster. A big hitting weapon and a complete armour set are well worth working toward, but I feel that some of the other items such as bandages and gear that allow some control over the flow of the action may be very useful indeed.
Lots to think about and there will be many more hunts to come 🙂


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