Kingdom of Death – Monster Sunday – part 2

Posted: December 2, 2015 in Gaming, Kingdom of Death

Lantern year 3 saw the survivors returning to the settlement having slain another White Lion. After some debate it was decided that Fred’s body should be buried rather than eaten thus establishing the Principle of Graves for Lion’s Burg.   Following this pivotal moment there was much excitement in the settlement and new survivors came forward wanting a piece of the action. A Triathlon of Death ensued to decide who should hunt next. Queen Tabitha lost the Race after tearing an Achilles and was to miss the next hunt. Georgii came off much worse coming last in the Debate and then losing an arm in the Fight Contest!
Following this the settlement decided to send six survivors to hunt their first Screaming Antelope. It was decided that weapons were the priority and soon bone axes, daggers and blades were sharpened and ready to do battle. Lions Bane attempted an Augury at the Organ Grinder gleaning more about the meaning of existence and the settlement innovated Symposium.
It was time to depart!


Six survivors left: Bob, Billie-Bobey and Billie were noobs; Cheri-Torn, Georgii and Lions Bane the veterans. The hunt went quite well until the survivors awakened a stone beast who split the group up as some clung desperately to it as it rose from the earth. Thankfully there were no causalties although some were delayed in arriving for the showdown.


The showdown was going to be an interesting one. Having brought six survivors the Antelope would benefit from +1 speed and +2 damage. It didn’t take long to work out anyone attacked was likely to be going to the severe injury table! As well as this it seemed that the numerous Acanthus plants on the board could heal the antelope. Nonetheless feeling confident following three convincing victories against Lions the survivors waded in.
Initially the antelope skittered around the board eating the plants. However it was not long before a brutal fight was joined in the centre of the board.


Ignore the Ogre....must make some more survivor minis!

The antelope was able to hit hard and the fight did not go well  The survivors quickly used up their survival dodging the antelopes attacks. Poor Georgii was suffering from Apathy and was unable to use survival. She was one of the first to go. The others fought bravely and the antelope was gradually worn down. It was looking as though 3 survivors would make it but in its final death throes it lashed out killing all but Lions Bane.


Oh dear. We all agreed the 6 survivor buff for the monster was a little much. I think in future the game is best played as recommended with four. Losing 5 survivors is a big blow for the settlement and another heavy loss will be a very serious problem for the long term campaign. Great news as the Butcher is next!


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