League of Shadows ambush Batman and friends

Posted: November 24, 2015 in Batman miniature game

Another game of Batman and a first go at the Ambush scenario this week. I’ve tended to avoid this one and it’s the only one I’ve not attempted so now was as good a time as any.


In this game we played 350 points and I went for Raas, Talia, ninjas and a few prisoners. Batman was accompanied by Robin, Gordon and some cops. In the first turn Batman swooped down on Talia and gave her a good thumping. Not very gentlemanly but all is fair in love and war. On the other side of the table Raas got stuck into Gordon and Robin.



There was a lot of scrapping going on early in the game and Ambush seems to be a pretty brutal scenario as the names suggests. The punch-ups continued over the initial turns with no side gaining dominance but Batman and Raas did impress. With all the fighting the objectives seemed of secondary importance and scoring was unusually low. Mid-game the action livened up with Batman deciding to take on Raas face to face.


It was a fairly even contest with both struggling to do serious damage. Batman decided to Batclaw away as he became surrounded and switched attention to one of the ninjas who had nabbed a loot counter. In the final turns the League managed to pull slightly ahead in a fairly low scoring game and held on for the win.



It was a good game. After we started I realised that a ninja or two could have taken Tattoos to get Bodyguard and this would have been good for protecting Raas and Talia. I think I would like to field Lady Shiva and the female ninjas too rather than the prisoners so will look into that. Finally I think it worth mentioning that Robin’s Flash grenade was very effective and needs to be watched in future.


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