Kingdom Death – Monster Sunday – part 1

Posted: November 10, 2015 in Kingdom of Death

Loving my Kingdom Death Monster at the moment so I took it to my local gaming group. Four people around the table and a lot of fun to be had. First up the usual starter against a White Lion. Note the painted miniatures. Certainly not finished but well on the way.


The starting survivors were named Tabatha, Lions Bane, Georgi and Fred. The four did remarkably well and dispatched the Lion in record time with no casaulties. The settlement Lion’s Burg was established and a fantastic 10 other survivors were soon huddling around the Lantern hoard to hear Tabatha utter the first words. Simple bone weapons were crafted and while Tabatha contemplated the mysteries of the Universe, the survivor Cheri Torn came forward to join the departing survivors looking for Lion number two. A fairly typical hunt followed and it was not long before we found our quarry and prepared for the showdown.


This showdown also went well and we were delighted to get everyone back to the settlememt in decent shape with various bits of lion including a set of Lion testes Georgi had skillfully removed during the fight. How she managed to survive the resulting Lion’s onslaught I’ll never know! The settlement was visited by a bizarre dentist offering crazy upgrades at the risk of severe damage or even death so we decided to pass and innovate the Catarium. Using the hard won resources further weapons were crafted and the testes were turned turned into a lucky charm for Georgi. Although the Screaming Antelope became an option we decided to go after a third Lion. The hunt that followed was most notable for the discovery of a White Lion cub that Fred dispatched and the survivors gratefully took various parts of the corpse avoiding the attention of an enraged Mummy or Daddy Lion.  However it was not long before the next showdown began.


The Lion behaved unusually in this showdown. As can be seen in the picture above it initially left the survivors alone who gratefully took the opportunity to get some attacks in buffed by Fred’s roar through his Lion helm. Sadly all did not go to plan and Lion ran away before much damage could be done. What happened next shows how things can rapidly go wrong in a showdown. The Lion attacked Fred severing his femoral artery and leaving him dead as a door post . The Lion roared scattering the remaining survivors across the board and retreated to a corner to lick his wounds. The game affect was basically to heal the lion back to it’s starting profile undoing the work of the survivors. The survivors briefly debated giving this hunt up but decided they had come too far and Fred’s brutal death need to be avenged. Cornering the lion the survivors managed to get a good deal of damage in although we knew the lick wounds AI card was the last in the pile and could potentially get the lion fitting fit again. Lions Bane threw his precious Founding Stone at the lion ensuring this would not happen via the automatic critical leaving Tabatha and Georgi to jump the lion and finish him off.
We called it a night at this point. A really enjoyable evening’s gaming and a remarkably good outcome for the survivors with three lions down and 13 survivors in the settlement after lantern year 3. Looking forward to the next Monster Sunday already.


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