Kingdom of Death – The Love Shack -Part 2

Posted: October 23, 2015 in Gaming, Kingdom of Death

A good second session of the first campaign last night. We started with an Ambush on a level 1 White Lion.


The Showdown went well and if memory serves me correctly all survivors returned. We realised at this point our Settlement has not constructed the Catarium which give access to some very nice Lion armour and weapons. We took the chance to manufacture some better gear and left feeling confident about hunting another level 1 Lion.


The hunt was notable for one bizarre event in paricular. Finding some White Lion poo one of the survivors decided to eat it! A brave act for the individual concerned, but hence forth this survivor had to be renamed ‘Scat Man’ – yes, this was an official rule from the book! In the Showdown the survivors did well but poor old Scat Man had one of his legs chewed off by the Lion, so he became the One Legged Scat Man……..
Returning to the settlement more armour and weapons were made including a Cat Gut Bow so One Legged Scat Man could still participate in the imminent Nemesis Showdown with the Butcher.



Despite being veterans of White Lion slaying the prospect of taking on a new enemy filled the Survivors with apprehension. The Butcher did not disappoint! His AI cards portrayed him as a whirling dervish of death knocking the survivors all over the board along with lots of warrior-like posturing, screaming and occasionally an onslaught of viscious attacks. As the Showdown progressed the incessant screaming led to the survivors going into frenzied insanity but the butcher sapped their strength away with his lanterns. It was a desperate psychological battle as well as a brutal physical struggle. Slowly it dawned on us that if could hang in there long enough the Butcher’s debuffs would go leaving the Survivors still frenzied but capable of great damage. In the meantime the Butcher had inflicted multiple wounds on the One Legged Scat Man leaving him to bleed to death, and another survivor had lost a leg and suffered a horrible death. The two remaining Survivors decided enough was enough and backed away throwing their carefully treasured Founding Stones to give the Butcher the last two wounds needed to slay him.


Phew! It was a close one but the Settlement avoided being ransacked by the Butcher and we gathered his Cleaver and a number of broken lanterns, both of which are likely to be significant later in the campaign.
A very good session – lots of dark fun to be had. Having fought a number of Lions it was good to see how different the Butcher was. His AI cards portrayed him brilliantly – it really felt like fighting a tsunami of destruction. Looking forward to the next session and possibly fighting the Screaming Antelope…..

  1. Ruins of Arotha says:

    Oh man, this is out now??? Got a link?

  2. Imaginos says:

    Enjoying following your adventures. I am in the second lantern year of a solo campaign and have only tackled lions so far. I’m already surprised by how much there is going on in this game though!

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