Kingdom of Death – The Love Shack – Part 1

Posted: October 15, 2015 in Gaming, Kingdom of Death

After the initial foray into the KOD we decided to embark on a longer series of games this evening. After defeating the first lion at the expense of a single survivor, we named our settlement ‘The Love Shack’ (and why ever not!?). We then tooled up with basic armour and weapons before starting our hunt for a second lion.



The hunt was cut short when the survivors found a lion cub which they chose to slay and attracted the attention of its father. A bloody battle followed which saw a second survivor slain but the remaining three cornered the lion and were able to defeat it. The survivors gratefully harvested resources and decided to continue investing in better armour and weapons, particularly body and head protection. The option to hunt the Screaming Antelope was opened up but the survivors left searching for a 3rd lion.
During the hunt the survivors nearly lost the plot when three of the band who were insane became convinced the world was ending. Luckily the one sane member of the group pulled them back from the brink. Not long after the party found the scent of their quarry and were able to set up an ambush. We closed the session at this point looking forward to the show-down next time.
I’m very impressed with KOD. It plays a bit like a self-running roleplay game and the cooperative element makes it different to the usual gaming experience. Lots of laughs with a grim tongue-in-cheek style. Looking forward to more.


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