Ivy beaten by the Bat

Posted: October 12, 2015 in Batman miniature game, Gaming

A game of Batman this evening. A three way clash using scenario 1 at 200 points. The bosses were Ivy, Bane and Batman.


A friend supplied the buildings this evening and very nice and functional they were too. In the first turn the gangs got themselves into position; nothing too exciting but Bane failed to nail a cop that really would expect him too.


I was able to get Ivy onto a loot counter and Catwoman grabbed one too. In the next turn the forces continued to close but the action didn’t really warm up until mid-game.



By this point Ivy and Loony were scoring heavily on Loot and Ammo objectives. Batman was perched high above the table with a SWAT guy and Bane was closing ominously on Ivy. It was time for Ivy to mix things up with some control pheromones. She took control of Bane and sent him toward Batman!



Unfortunately Bane was not able to make an impression on Batman and Batman retaliated knocking Bane out. It was a simple job for a cop to come along and arrest the big guy!



In the late game there was a bit of a moshpit in the centre of the board. The game was very close on objectives but Batman and his GCPD allies were looking strong as they had barely been scratched during the game. In the final moments Batman and Catwoman put the hurt on Ivy and she went down. The cop who arrested Bane did the same trick on Ivy and it was all over.
I didn’t take a final tally of points but Batman would have won by a few. It was a close game that started slowly and built to a tense climax. Ivy did very well in the initial stages securing and camping  objectives, but the lack of genuine offense meant that Batman and the cops eventually got the better of her. Batman was very effective in this game. When used well he is manoeuvreable, resilient and dangerous on the attack – just as he should be. Catwoman was also good as was the cheap cop shadowing Batman and arresting the villans.


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