Kingdom of Death: Monster – 1st Game

Posted: October 10, 2015 in Gaming, Kingdom of Death

Played a first game of KOD this evening. I had previously had a quick solo game and the first thing I would say is that there a lot of cards to organise before you can play. We had not managed to assemble the minis for the game apart from the Lion but it didn’t matter too much.


I made up and laminated some survivor cards and a settlement card as there is a fair amount of changeable info to record. It didn’t take too long and we were ready for the 1st show-down with a White Lion.
In the show-down the survivors got off to a good start and had little trouble beating the Lion up. To be honest I think we were a bit lucky and it did take sometime to get the final wound on the Lion. Nonetheless it was a relatively easy win with no survivior casaulties.
The survivors harvested the Lion of resources and made their settlement. Crude armour and weapons soon followed and it was not long before the survivors were departing to hunt a 2nd Lion.


The survivors had a slightly bump quest to find the Lion mainly due to one survivor becoming a straggler who went insane damaging the others. When we found the second Lion we were petty confident of a win.


However, the Lion was having none of it and made short work of three of the survivors. The final survivor had seen enough and made a run for it narrowly escaping back to the settlement.
By now 3 very enjoyable hours had passed and we decided to scrub the game and put it down to experience. I must say this really is a super game. Very immersive, simpleish gameplay and seemingly infinite variations for replayabiliiy. We had a good session and were keen for more. It’s amazing to think we have barely scratched the surface of the possibilities and I’m really looking forward to more of this soon. 🙂


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