Ivy vs. Two-Face

Posted: September 27, 2015 in Batman miniature game, Gaming

This evening a good game of Batman. We were playing an intro game with my Ivy and Two-Face gangs around 270 points. Scenario 1, Chance Encounter, is always a good bet for some fast and brutal action and we made sure all four objective types were included for variety.
In the initial setup Tsasz failed to arrive but the rest of the models were fairly evenly spread around the table. In the early action Two-Face’s shotgun henchman managed to put some hurt on one of my prisoners while the rest of models dashed for the objectives.



In the second turn I flooded the centre of the table with 4 of the 5 plant slaves I had taken but Tsasz failed to show again! My prisoner escaped from the shotgun wielding henchman through the use of a smoke grenade and a few scuffles on the edge.
By turn 3 Tsasz was on and Ivy had managed to pull off her Control Pheromone trick to get one of Two-Face’s henchmen to shoot the main man in the back. This was a key moment as 4 blood on the boss allowed one of the Plant Slaves to pull off a couple of jammy shots and knock Two-Face out. I had also managed to get Tsasz and a Prisoner onto the Ammo Objective and the were starting to accumulate.
In the remaining action Cat Woman (who shouldn’t have been in Two-Face’s gang, whoops, my mistake!) nabbed the loot and ran for it will Tsasz and Ivy cleaned up some of Two-Face’s henchmen. When Tsasz pounced on the badly beaten Two-Face it was clear the game was over and we called time.




So, Ivy’s Control Pheromone trick was the business again. It really is a very nice ability especially against an opponent not familiar with it. The Plant Slaves did quite well too and I am pleased Tsasz did well as I enjoy using him. Still enjoying my Batman and I am determined to get this Ivy gang painted up.


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