Nomads and Combined Army battle it out over the Armoury.

Posted: September 7, 2015 in Gaming, Infinity

A special game of Infinity this evening to say fareful to a good friend who is off to work abroad for a year. Just as well it was a fun and friendly game as we both turned up without the rules and ad hoc forces! Nonetheless a quick visit to the Corvus Belli website and with N3 Wiki at hand we ploughed on with a 250 point game.


We played the Armoury scenario and went at each other pretty gung-ho. In the early action I lost both of my Shrouded and Yaogat Snipers to the superior Nomad Interventor and we both crept up on the Armoury putting models on the outside ready to fight it out for the main prize.




I dropped my Rasyat in behind the Nomad’s lines but he was taken down in ARO by the Cat girl Doctor. Doh! At this stage things were not looking good for the Combined Army but I did have some Morats threatening the Armoury ready and waiting in Supressive fire mode.



The Nomad’s bravely opened the doors to to the Armoury and a brutal firefight more akin to 40K than Infinity broke out. The Nomads got the better of this and were able to dominate the room to score an objective point.


In the final desperate turn my Noctifier and remaining Morats stormed the Armoury in an attempt get a draw. It was looking good for this outcome until the Nomad lieutenant managed to critical the Noctifier with the last order of the game and secure the win. Tense stuff and a dramatic end to a very good game.


I’d forgotten how good Infinity can be when played in the right spirit. I wish my opponent, Matt, the very best in his exciting year ahead and I now have the ignominy of knowing that it will be at least that long before I can get revenge! Git 🙂

  1. RD says:

    Great looking terrain.

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