Dystopian Wars 3 way

Posted: September 2, 2015 in Dystopian Wars, Gaming

A rare game of Dystopian Wars yesterday evening. A three-way game between Prussians, Antartica and Britannia in which we were playing just for fun.


As you can see my hapless Prussians ended up in the middle which is never a good thing in war. The game mechanics came back to us fairly quickly and I have to say there are patterns that make Spartan games pretty simple to learn. Having said that we used basic models and didn’t pay too much attention to detail to keep things flowing.
After a couple of turns I was reminded of how quickly forces engage in this game and there were significant casaulties. Without much terrain and no objective (other than smashing the other guy to oblivion) Dystopian Wars is a bit of a tit-for-tat attrition war, so being the middle is a recipe for disaster and it was looking grim for the Prussians. The Antarticans had some interesting rules such as a partially submerged battleship and mine laying planes and the KOB models seemed to have an abundance of Armour Piercing nastiness. It wasn’t long before the Prussian battleship was limping along carry two criticals and I was out of the game.


I had put some hurt on KOB force so the Antarticans didn’t have too much trouble clearing up to take the win.
I do like the fluff and models in this game but I think I need to do some more reading about the Prussians as they seem always get thrashed and are light on gimmicks. There is a lot of depth to this game yet to be explored and I would love to do a campaign. A shame it is not a very popular system.


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