Ivy and Tsaz wreak havoc at the Asylum

Posted: August 18, 2015 in Batman miniature game, Gaming

Another game with Ivy this evening. This time slightly smaller at 300 points and no room for Swamp Thing. This time Tsaz made an appearance and the gang was rounded out with a selection of Plants, Black Gate Prisoners and a Loony from the Asylum. Across the table Batman supported by Gordon and his SWAT team. We played scenario 5 which I believe is Seize Ground (or something similar).


As usual round 1 was spent getting into position, although Tsaz, being a bit of a speedster, was able to nip to an objective and score the three bonus VPs. Batman was isolated on one side of the board but quite near the Prisoners, while Gordon and co were facing off with Ivy, Tsaz, the Plants and the Loony in the centre of the board.


In round 2 one of the Plants scored a lucky crit on Gordon but was subsequently blown away by a SWAT guy. Ivy and Tsaz moved into dangerous central positions and Tsaz attacked a SWAT guy but missed. On the other side of the board Batman swooped on the Prisoners but fell slightly short. They piled in but the Batman was largely unaffected by their attacks.




In round 3 Batman pummelled the two Prisoners knocking both of them onto their arses. Their attacks back were pretty feeble but, importantly, they were tying up the Batman and keeping him away from the action in the centre of the board. Tsaz turned his attention to Gordon knocking him out but then took too nasty hits from the gun of a SWAT guy. Meanwhile another SWAT guy had grabbed the Loot and my Loony took ovee Tsaz guarding my Titan Dose objective.


Round 4 saw Batman continuing to grapple with the Prisoners while the action in the centre of the board was brutal. The Loony and SWAT guy were tied up in a scrap meaning objective VPs had dried up but there were still plenty on offer for knocking out the enemy. Ivy took over the mind of a SWAT guy who wandered over to Gordon and in an act of disgraceful treason hit his boss on the deck! She went on to Paralyse and knock out another SWAT guy. Tsaz had little trouble finishing Gordon off and things were looking pretty grim for the heros of Gotham.



Looking over the board (and given it was quite late by now) Batman threw in the towel. It was 14 – 3 on VPs and a clear victory for Ivy. A good game and I’m settling into an effective pattern of play with Ivy. Her Control Pheromones are fantastic against the right target and once again made a difference in the game. Batman should have been better but got tied up fighting two Prisoners. I’m of the opinion that Batman needs to keep mobile and should focus on the enemy big hitters. Tsaz was the star of the show this time. He is very fast and given the right opportunities he can be quite lethal. He pretty much killed a SWAT guy and Gordon in this game which is a great performance.

An enjoyable game 🙂

As an aside we discussed the use of the Asylum in the centre of the board. I am reluctant to do this as there is no back to the building but it seems a shame not to get in more involved in the play. We decided a removal back panel would make it look good and allow it to take a more central place on the table. I will look into this soon.


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