Batman Doubles

Posted: July 31, 2015 in Batman miniature game, Gaming

Another weekend gone and another great game of Batman. Sadly all of the pictures appear to have been deleted from my phone šŸ˜‰ Nonetheless a description of the main points follows.
This was a four player game but in pairs. I took Two-Face and my partner was playing Raas. Across the table Batman , Robin, Gordon and police men. In the early action the two forces
closed on each other with the police putting some pain on one of Two-Faces henchmen. Early in the next turn the Two-face henchmen managed some revenge via ‘ Let’s go….’. The chain of henchmen going in sequence like this looks like a great tactic.
A couple of turns in the action was hotting up and the Batman had slipped past Raas and was in amongst the bad guys causing mayhem.
Nonetheless the baddies had secured a loot counter and were starting to wrack up the VPs.
The action in the centre of the board was pretty intense with some good scraping between the police and Two-Faces henchnen. By now the baddies were begining to pull ahead on VPs but Batman was really kicking butt and looking dangerous and resilient.
The game finished with a VP count of about 19 to 5 for the bad guys even though casaulties had been pretty high. Shame about the pics but a good game and a nice change to play some doubles.

  1. nurgleonbass says:

    Yes, my bad. Really quite annoyed about the pics as there were some good ones.

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