A blue moon sees Malifaux action

Posted: July 31, 2015 in Gaming, Malifaux, Neverborn

There was a blue moon last night and it can only be fate that I had the even rarer offer of a Malifaux game. Malifaux does not seem to have caught on in my gaming circles. It’s a game with a lot of character but it does not seem to be able to stand toe to toe with the big hitters like Warmahordes and 40K.
Anyway, I took the chance to put out Jakob against Lilith at 40SS. The Lillith crew looked a bit thin but she was stacked with upgrades. Teddy and Baby Kade were also going to be troublesome. We fumbled around a bit with setup but eventually ended up with The Reckoning for strategy and both chose Assassination and Cursed Object for Schemes.


Note the rather nice Guildball pitch!

We set up facing off across the board with most of the dangerous models centre and my left. The first turn was spent closing but Mr Graves did take a bit of a hit from Liliths’s Cherub that pushed him back and slowed my advance down.


The Hungering Darkness looked dangerous in his central position and I had Jakob and a Beckoner in good positions for control. Unfortunately Lilith’s crew were also in a good place and my opponent took a risk using an ability to make HG activate last then pulling it into attack range. Teddy and Kade synergied very well to take HD down (but only just!) and this was a bad start for me, but very well played.


Malifaux being no Warmahordes meant I was not out the game yet. I turned my attention to getting Brilliance on the Neverborn models and using the Illuminated to put some hurt on. I was able take out Teddy in this way, but for future reference we left Brillance on him for more than one turn which was incorrect. There were a couple of bizarre incidents with Jokers that threw the game in different directions, most notably when Jakob shot Lilith and pulled a Red Joker on the damage flip to take her down. This put me right back in contention.


By this stage it was getting late and the game needed to wrap up. Careless record keeping meant we lost track of casaulties and it was hard to work out who had won the Reckoning although we were tied on Assassinate. I suspect Lilith was slightly ahead but it was only a casual game so not of great importance.
I have to say I really enjoyed this game. There were some great combos from Lilith’s crew and although I missed some of mine they were there had I been better prepared. It was a close game with some comedy moments and good models, fluff and scenery. Poor old Malifaux, it’s a damn fine game that deserves more attention. If only there was the time.

  1. VoltRon says:

    That’s the same with our group. It seemed like everyon was pumped for it, but I never saw a game played. I have Misaki crew and have only played probably 3 games starting with M2E and I really like it.

  2. Argentbadger says:

    Cool write-up!

    I’m a huge fan of the game, and it’s taken pretty well in my area. I think that it stands out against other major games (e.g. Warmachine) because the game is not only about killing everything on the other side of the board. Indeed, it is possible to be tabled and still win a game. Having written that, Reckoning and Assassinate is about as ‘killy’ as it gets in Malifaux so maybe that isn’t helping to differentiate it from other games.

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