Ivy vs. League of Shadows

Posted: July 15, 2015 in Batman miniature game, Gaming

A chance to try out some new terrain and models this evening. A few weeks ago I finally recieved my Games and Gears Kickstarter 28mm Hawk Battleboard. It clips together nicely and although the painting might be more interesting in places it is a nice board. I am probably going to leave it pretty clean as I would like to use it for a futuristic Infinity city too.



For the game I wanted to build on my experience with Ivy and her plant slaves. This time I decided to support her with Swamp Thing and some Blackgate Prisoners who I felt would be more reliable than the Arkham Loonies. The League were a load of ninjas led by Ra’s al Ghul. Nicely painted too ๐Ÿ™‚





We were playing scenario 4 which is a straight-up scrap. I expected the League to play aggressively and was worried about Ra’s making mince meat of Ivy. I made an early decision to send Swampy after Ra’s in order to leave Ivy and the Prisoners to take care of the squishier ninjas and do some objective grabbing.

In the early action I was able to use Swamp Thing’s Green Walk to get into Ra’s but the League Bossman provided to be a very difficult target to hit. Meanwhile several ninjas realised this was a good chance to gang-up on the big guy. On the other flank Ivy and the Prisoners supported each other well and managed to grab the enemy loot scaring off nearby ninjas.


At this point the prospects for Swamp Thing were grim as Ra’s and the ninjas gradually wore him down. He had done a great job as a tank in distracting a good portion of the League and soaking up a lot of punishment my other models simply would not have coped with. On the otherhand Ivy had made good progress down the other flank with her Prisoner escort. She used Control Pheromones to good effect to manipulate the weak willed ninjas allowing her to secure my loot objective and close in on my Titan Dose and Ammo objectives in the enemy deployment zone.


At this stage it was fairly close on objectives but Ivy was in a commanding position in terms of objectives for the final action. Ra’s finished off Swamp Thing but the League were unable to inflict other significant casaulties or contest objectives so Ivy walked away with a pretty significant win (19 – 12 I think)


Ivy and the Prisoners take control in the final turn - but who is lurking in the shadows!

A good game and I am pleased with the way Ivy and her gang worked the board. In terms of casaulties they had achieved very little, but Swamp Thing was an excellent tar-pit and Ivy’s Control Pheromones were outstanding in securing control of the objectives. Ra’s looked very dangerous as an individual, but the League didn’t get enough traction on their objectives or cause enough casaulties in the game.
A couple of other points worth making a note of. I put my Plant Slaves on very early in this game – in hindsight too early. One of Slaves was isolated and quickly dispatched by a ninja, one never got into the game as the ninjas kept a good distance from it and although the third did manage to knock down a ninja, it’s impact was limited. Next time I think more judicious deployment is needed. Looking on the bright side I did use a pair of sewers to get a Prisoner with a gun on a roof. Although not a game winner he managed to damage a ninja from a safe vantage point and was a good option for attack/defense/objective grabbing should he be needed late game. Definetly a strategy worth trying again.
Still loving Batman. Great gameplay great miniatures and super cinematic. What else do you need in a game? ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. A further note to self : I deployed the seeds too early in set-up. The following is correct “deploy during the “hidden deployment” stage, so after objectives, but before “undercover” models.”


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