Poison Ivy takes on the Batman

Posted: July 1, 2015 in Batman miniature game, Gaming

Sunday evening saw a 250 point clash over scenario three from the book. I had a bit of a shock during setup as it became apparent that unlike scenario 1 and 2 the objectives were going in or very close to the enemy deployment zone. For this particular scenario the deployment zone was also very small nestled in a corner, so this was going to be a very different game. I was also looking forward to using Ivy and my first game against a Batman.





I decided to put my seed markers near to my objectives so I could pop plant slaves up to support models who got across the board, and some in my deployment zone to contest my opponent’s objectives should they get that far. During the first turn we just ran at each other – this is a problem and I must dig out by 90x90cm board next time. After a couple of turns however, things were getting a bit more interesting. Batman had taken down one of my loonies but Ivy and Catwoman had a plan for dealing with the big man


Initially Ivy tried to take control of Batman in order to get him to Batclaw to the top of a building and jump off – a nefarious tactic I had read about on the net! Sadly Batman’s Willpower was too good for this so a plan B was needed. A SWAT guy with gun was nearby and a much softer target. I managed to take control of this chap and had him pump 3 shots into the Batman. I have to say I was a little jammy scoring three damaging hits and knocking Batman over, but hey it felt good šŸ™‚
Catwoman and Ivy subsequently jumped the bat but he is a durable fellow and they were not able to finish him off.
Meanwhile I had snuck a loony down a sewer and he had made it to the enemy deployment zone that was being defended by Gordon.


I popped a couple of Plant Slaves on the table and set about knocking Gordon about. One of the plants managed to paralyse Gordon and I picked up some VPs on my Titan Objective. Unfortunately we played the paralysis wrong on two counts: firstly it appears you need a six on the collateral dice to trigger a crit, not just the same number; secondly we couldn’t see how Gordon could shake off the paralysis, but as it is a poison effect a recovery roll can be made each turn. Worth remembering for next time…..
At this stage we were nearing the end. Ivy was slightly ahead on VPs but I was struggling to KO Gordon and/or Batman to secure a convincing win. As the last turn finished the situation was unchanged and we found Ivy had won by a handful of VPs.
A good game and a very different dynamic this time due to the objective placement. Ivy is tricksy and it was an inspired moment when she hypnotised the SWAT guy to put the hurt on the Batman. I shall enjoy playing her more in the future. That sneaky hypnotism was the key to my win as a fully functional Batman is clearly a dangerous model. I was impressed with the durability of Batman and he was very respectable in a scrap too. So, to finish a nice pic of the main man who has been rather nicely painted by my good friend Dave. Looking forward to seeing your Batcave dude!



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