Joker vs. Twoface and crazy dudes!

Posted: June 15, 2015 in Batman miniature game, Gaming

I’ve acquired a few more Batman miniatures since my last game. I had a chance to field a Twoface gang with Victor Zsasz and his loonies this evening. I have also been keen to try Solumun Grundy particularly after seeing Bane in action last week. Across the table 350 points of Jokers.




We were playing the second scenario from the book so there was a rush for the objectives in the middle of the table. This was won by the Joker gang putting them ahead on Vps at the end of turn one. It also quickly became apparent the the loonies were going to be unreliable henchmen with aggressive schizophrenia and demented giving me problems. One of the demented loonies ended up behind Solomon Grundy who was hit twice with the Jokers exploding teeth and he was knocked out never to return to the game.


In the mid-game the Twoface gang started to claw their way back. I managed to get Twoface camped on the Ammo objective and one of the loonies managed to grab my loot and take it to a fairly safe Titan dose objective. Meanwhile Victor was doing a reasonable job of tying up some of the Joker crew while Solomon was moving into a good mid-table position.


Unfortunately things started to go wrong from here. One of the Loonies attacked Twoface and to add insult to injury the Joker used his one shot gun on Twoface getting a Critical Casaulty and knocking him out of the game. Very cinematic but very annoying too!



At this point we called it a night with the Jokers a good way ahead and in a comnanding position. Although the Victor and his loonies are very characterful they are difficult to manage. I was impressed with Solomon Grundy and I will definitely be using him again and more aggressively. I must say the Joker was awesome in this game. His ranged attacks were devastating and he also managed to make a fair bit of ground around the centre of the table making a nuisance of himself.
Despite the result still loving this game and looking forward to more.


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