Arkham Asylum

Posted: June 7, 2015 in Painting and Modelling

Recently I had one of those ‘gotta get it’ hobby moments when browsing one of the Batman facebook pages. A chap had been given a creepy looking doll house and the communtiy had identified it as a Quay Woodcraft Fantasy Villa. I noticed there was one for sale on Amazon for the very reasonable price of ¬£16.99 and that was it for me. Pictures below show the original inspiration from facebook and my effort about 4 fours into building.





I think this will make a really noice terrain piece. It has good balconies for 3D gaming and the fact you can get models inside is a bonus. Scale wise I would say it’s a tad too large but nothing too obvious. I’m going to try and make it up in the style of the Arkham Asylum.
In terms of construction it’s not the easiest. The biggest problem is the totally useless instructions. Luckily there is a logic to the bits so I have been able to make good progress. The bits fit together well and it is pretty robust. More updates on this soon…..


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