More Batman action

Posted: June 3, 2015 in Gaming

Another game of Batman. This time Twoface was taking on a Bane crew supported by Catwoman.




We played Scenario one with all the usual objectives and trimmings. In the early action I learnt a healthy respect for the assault rifle / bullef proof vest combo sported by one of Bane’s henchmen. In fact this particular dude managed to get a couple of rounds of shots in on Twoface and he was taken down. Not a good start 😦




Twoface’s demise was a major blow but nothing compared to what was to come. Bane waded into the action and he was irresitable in close combat. To be fair he was not removing models from play, but he was quite easily putting out six stun markers each round and knocking my Twoface crew into the middle of next week. Things were looking pretty desperate for my gangsters, although I did manage a few points on the objectives. When the end of the game came Twoface had been beaten comprehensively on points and the Bane crew were barely scratched.


So, despite the beating it was another good game. I was very impressed with the Assault rifle, Bane and Catwoman. I had over estimated Twoface’s resilience and payed the penalty big time. Nonetheless I’m feeling that I understand this game much better and I still like what I see. I think next time I shall try a different crew – probably Poison Ivy and see where that leads me.


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