Batman faces Joker again

Posted: May 29, 2015 in Batman miniature game, Gaming

2nd game of Batman yesterday and great fun it was too. We played scenario 1 again but this time used all the rules for objectives and money. With 2 crews on the board there was a lot more room and fewer sewers and lamp-posts.





In the first turn the two crews were scatterered around the table but were well spaced. Most of the turn was spent closing on objectives. One of the Two-Face henchmen didnt start on the table but this gave him the chance to deploy behind the Joker in turn 2. I was lucky enough to take the lead this turn so he rushed in hoping to put some damage on the opposition boss. Unfortunately he was not successful, but he did succeed in distracting the Joker and Harley for a couple of turns.


Meanwhile in the middle of the board there were a number of interesting face-offs developing.


At this stage I was trying to get Two-Face and his machine gun henchman onto objectives where they might make good use of their guns. In the first game they had been very effective but we had played ROF rules incorrectly by always giving the full ROF even having moved. This time I had the challenge to set up shots without moving to get the full 3 shots. In addition the Riddler was moving around trying to solve the riddle objectives.


The action in the centre of the board was fairly brutal. However, as in the first game we found that the models are pretty resilient unless ganged up on. This is not an alpha strike game like Warmahordes or Infinity; it’s more of an attrition affair. What was also much more obvious this time was the pressing need to get models on your objectives and keep them there to rack up the VPs awarded at end of each turn.



In the final stages of the game it was looking like the Two-Face Crew would take the win. They had camped on a couple of objectives to good effect and the Riddler had solved a couple of riddles. However, the Joker had the last laugh. Using his Explosive teeth he was able to take a chunk out of the Riddler, remove my henchman from an objective and secure an objective himself. Harley Quinn and the Ringmaster also came into their own knocking out both the Riddler and Two-Face. If I had enjoyed some better luck with my recovery rolls I might have held on for a Two-Face win, but it was not to be.

Nail-biting stuff and great fun. I remain impressed with the game and their is a lot more depth to explore. The biggest error I made was trying too hard to get Two-Face into a good firing position rather than taking a few shots here and there to whittle down the Joker crew. In fact Two-Face didn’t fire his gun at all! I quite liked the Riddler for VPs but he was a bit squishy for the points and had little impact on the other crew. I think next time I’ll concentrate on Two-Face and his henchmen and try and make better use of his shooting game.


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