Combined Army (inevitable) Shambles 

Posted: May 4, 2015 in Gaming, Infinity

Hmmmmm. So, back to the Combined Army and back to horrendous dice and another shocking defeat this evening. We were playing scenario 4 from the book with the Nimbus zone. I decided to take a Charontid as Lieutenant with a Skiaviros hacker, Yaogat sniper by my usual Shrouded, Malignos combo and a handful of Morat cheer leaders. We spent a long time setting up a good table of scenery  taking care to have cover at the 12 inch line and limiting sniper nests. We also went for mainly solid scenery which helps to speed the game up. Having played Infinity regularly in recent weeks I’ve come to the conclusion that getting the table right is just as important as the game itself – well worth the effort. 

In the game itself I took first turn and made a few tentative moves forward including setting up Supressive fire with my guards through a combined order (this is proving to be a first turn must) and I managed to disable one of the Nimbus field generators. All looking good so far. The Nomads took their turn and made some moves forward themselves. A flying remote used aerial deployment to enter in the back field and target my Yaogat. This enabled another Drone to use guided weapons to take him out. A bit of pain but there was worse to come. 

The Nomads had a Chimera with Pupnicks who came down the centre of the board and proved to be near untouchable through a mixture of my shocking dice and hyperkinetic that gave them +9 to dodge. They wrapped up my Skiaviros and I wasted most of my next turn trying fruitlessly to take them out. In hindsight it appears that key to success was to remove the Chimera who did not have hyperkinetic – we didn’t quite play this right but damn, this is a nasty group to deal with.

While this was going on the flying remote had targeted my Charontid and guided fire took it out. It was looking desperate for the Combined Army at this stage and time was running out. He called it a day with the Nomads clearly in charge.

In this game I learnt the importance of covering the rear of the army. To be fair I have got a lot better at this, but my mistake was to cluster my guards rather than cover all of the backfield. I think taking two elite choices was also mistake. I only had 9 orders in the pool which simply is not enough. Finally it was a good experience facing the Pupnicks and I will be more alert to taking out the Chimera when this happens again.


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