First game of N3

Posted: April 6, 2015 in Gaming, Infinity

First game of N3 this evening. I managed to read through most of the rules, but much like 2nd edition there are simply too many skills and bits of equipment to be completely on top of the game. We are also agreed to leave out hackers and play out a 200 point re-familiarisation exercise. I went with the Combined Army and across the table Yu Jing. 

The first turn was very slow as the book, weapons charts and stat lines were checked carefully to make sure habits from N2 were not being carried into N3. I was caught out by an infiltrating heavy infantry with HMG forcing me to unveil my Camo snipers and drop my Rasyat. The two forces exchanged fire and after a couple of turns the game was close.

By about turn 3 we were flowing along pretty well. The better armoured Yu Jing were weathering the fire fight better than the Combined Army so it was only a matter of time before I threw in the towel.

So, how is N3? In a nutshell I would say a tidier version of N2. It is reassuringly familiar in style but with the ropey bits tidied up. There are some nice tweaks which either balance the game or add further depth and realism. For me it’s a winner and I’ll be back for more for sure. 


  1. rexlogan says:

    My group has felt similarly. I think the only thing we’ve really disliked so far is the new scatter rules, so we’ve been using an N2esque dispersion system…

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