Kromac vs. pMorghoul – 35pts Deathclock

Posted: March 26, 2015 in Circle, Gaming

Another Deathclock game this time against pMorghoul. This time we were more generous with the clock taking an hour. This made for a more relaxed game but forced an exciting ending.

In this game I kept pretty much the same list I’m practising and across the table was a Bronzeback, Titan and a few heavy infantry. Pretty much a staple Skorne list but I was pleased not to see Kharn. In the early exchanges my Woldstalkers made reasonable progress down the flanks while Ghetorix and the Stalker held the middle ground. The Skorne list was tier 4 and this allowed it to gain extra movement toward the objectives so I gave away 3 control points early. This put the pressure on and I had to contest objectives to avoid a fast whitewash. I somewhat reluctantly pushed most of the force at the objectives but managed to get Ghetorix in a decent position to have a pop at Mourghoul.

Unfortunately I was not aware of Mourghoul’s feat and this stopped Kromac from being able to force Ghetorix into making the attacks needed for the kill. To add insult to injury Mourghoul slipped away in his turn using Parry and moved into a dangerous mid-table position. However by this time the clock has nearly run down and the Skorne only had 3 seconds on the clock. Kromac has 5 minutes and this proved just enough for him to beast out and get into Morghoul for the win.

A close game that benefited in the latter stages from the Deathclock. In this game I learnt the importance of getting bodies on the objectives and I have sat the heros of the game were my Swamp Gobbers who successfully tied up the Bronzeback and stopped it wrecking Ghetorix. Their defence of 15 is a real pain to deal with!


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