Circle Deathclock Action

Posted: March 11, 2015 in Circle, Gaming, Warmachine and Hordes

Played a 50pt Deathclock game against Legion this weekend. I played the Kromac list I would like to make my staple with :





Stones with Keeper


2 x Woldstalkers

Lord of Feast

Across the table was Thagrosh and assorted nasty Legion filth. We played the first scenario from the Steamroller 2015 pack but the game was decided by ‘Caster kill.

In the early action the forces closed and a pair of Legion Deathstalkers showed their value picking off the best part of a unit of Woldstalkers. On the other side of the board a unit of Woldstalkers, backed up by the Lord of the Feast, returned the favour knocking out a unit of Swordsmen. In the middle of the table the heavies were squaring off for the scrap that would likely decide the game. The first couple of turns passed very quickly as we were both keen not to run down our clocks – the pace of the game was good. 

In the following couple of turns the Legion initially took the upper hand getting into the scoring zone and leaving the Circle beasts tangled up on the edge. However, a viscous counter attack lead by the Ghetorix saw a Carnivean taken down and a Seraph and Scythean beaten up. Here I made a fatal error though. Kromac moved into the back arc of the Scythean a fair distance away. It didn’t occur to me that Kromac could have used reach to put in the final few boxes of damage needed to take th Scythesn down and of course he was now in reach range for the Scythean to turn around and get some Attacks in. Sadly for Kromac this is exactly what happened and a potential winning situation turned into a bloodbath for the hapless Circle Warlock.

It was a good game played at excellent pace thanks to the clock. At the end I had about 10 minutes of my hour left and this would have been enough to secure the win if Kromac had not messed up. My opponent also forgot to use Thagrosh’s feat to bring the Carnivean back so we were both guilty of an apalling howler. All good fun though and looking forward to more timed turn practice in the future.


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