SMOGCON 2015 – part 6

Posted: March 9, 2015 in Painting and Modelling, Tournaments, Warmachine and Hordes

We departed SMOGCON about 4ish on the last day. Overall I had a good weekend and I will probably be back again in 2016. The most positive aspects for me were the PP lectures, the higher profile P3 painting competition and simply getting away for three days in good company. On the downside I missed the non PP systems, was annoyed with some aspects of the painting competition and didn’t play as many games as I should have done. The latter grumble is entirely my fault and I intend to practise more thoroughly for next year and get stuck into a tournament or two.

The painting competition is something I’ve given a fair amount of thought to and I’ve listened carefully to feedback. Mark felt the entries lacked high level techniques like NMM and freehand. His winning Terminus had these aspects so these are techniques I will practise for next year. My freehand is shocking so Ken suggested buying some ‘how to draw fantasy books’ and I’ve since done exactly that. I’ll post some pics of any work I manage to get round to doing. I’m also going to try exchanging some WIP with Mark over the coming months to see if I can raise the bar on my work – hope you’re still up for that if you’re out there dude!

I  had a chance to get some feedback from Ron Kruzie the PP Studio Director. Ron felt some aspects of my models were underpainted, for example straps and belts. Personally I like that style to draw attention to the more striking features of the model, but I had this feedback last year too so clearly it is an issue, at least in painting competitions. Ron also said that some of my zenithal lighting was not quite right. He suggested picking a direction the light comes from and thinking very carefully about how that would  illuminate the figure. Finally, he felt in some places another highlight would benefit my models. In addition i picked up from Ron that Windsor and Newton Series 7 brushes are his first choice (I’ve ordered some to try alongside my Rafaels) that attention to detail in telling a story is essential in a diorama, and that he uses a lot of two brush blending with saliva to do the PP in-house style. I’ll need to find out more about this.

Lots to think about. I’m feeling quite enthused to take this learning forward ….. Just need to find the time!


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