SMOGCON 2015 – part 3

Posted: March 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

In the evening of the first day we spent a bit of time soaking up the atmosphere. There were some nice armies on display and I took the opportunity to watch a hardcore game between A Cryx and Circle army. The Cryx player was using a list composed of mainly ghostly models and made no secret of the fact he was playing a Mage Hunting strategy. The Circle player had a list similar to mine but led by Kruger. It was interesting to note how both armies pressed forward but Kruger was able to gain the upper hand popping feat and driving the Cryx back. Wrong footed the Cryx were not as effective in their turn as they should have been and the Circle player was able to punch a hole to the ‘caster and teleport a Stalker then Ghetorix via a Stones for a brutal assassination.

Day 2 started with a good lie in – a rare luxury for me these days. I eventually got up enjoyed a bit of painting and wandered around the venue.

I had a chance to sit in on a seminar on the Cosmology of the Iron Kingdoms delivered by Doug from PP. I learnt a lot about the religions of the Iron Kingdom and the talk was delivered with good humour. There were a few holes in the story but these were quite deliberate to leave room for interpretation, conflict and future development. 


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