SMOGCON 2015 – part 2

Posted: February 24, 2015 in Tournaments, Warmachine and Hordes

I had originally planned to bring a Convergence force to SMOGCON, and although my force is base coated and based, I eventually decided on my old favourite the Trolls instead. Looking around I wasn’t the only one! It seems that Trolls are the flavour of the month so it was no surprise to find another Troll player across the table for my first game.

We decided to play 50 points and feeling a bit rusty I put Gunnbjorn on the table with the Mountain King. The other guy had a more up to date Troll list that included a unit of Highway Men lead by eAngus. I was interested to see how these played as I love the models.

Feeling a bit nervous I just rushed my Trolls forward and popped Gunnbjorn’s feat hoping to weather the storm. Unfortunately the Mountain King was taken down by a buffed unit of Pyg Burrowers which was going to make the game an uphill struggle. The Highway Men looked quite tasty with their combined ranged  attack and having two ranged attacks made them look even more dangerous. By the end of turn 2 things were looking pretty dire do I risked putting Gunnbjorn in a crazy mid board position in order to get a shot on eAngus. Although the shot worked it was no surprise when Gunny was taken down in the next turn.

Not the best start but I was pleased to have got a game in against a pleasant opponent. It was also good to see the Highway Men in action and they are a unit I would like to add to my collection.

I should mention at this point that I also managed to do some ninja shopping picking up a shed load of Khador and Cryx models at a very reasonable price. An unexpected bonus to day one 🙂


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