SMOGCON 2015 – part 1

Posted: February 23, 2015 in Tournaments, Warmachine and Hordes

It’s been over a month since I posted anything but I have been quite busy prepping for and then attending SMOGCON 2015.
Early on Friday morning partners in crime Ken, Mark and I set off for the Raddison, Heathrow. We arrived shortly after 9 put our stuff in the room, registered and walked around the venue. It was a good venue with a really nice atrium but personally I missed the single big room that hosted the SMOGPIT and tournament play. The view from the window wasn’t too great either (see below!).
Another major downside was the notable absence of Dropzone, Malifaux and Bushido three systems which I enjoy. However the pay off against this was the rather awesome prospect of the presence of the Privateer Press guys Ed, Will, Doug and Rob.

Mark had left his entry for the P3 painting contest at home so retired to his room to prepare a new model (much more on this epic tale later!) Ken and I went to a seminar where Ed, Doug and Will described how they took an idea from concept and turned it into a model. The talk was interesting and I was struck by the care the PP team put into making the model and rules the best they can possibly be for the gaming community. A certain other large gaming company would do well to follow this lead ……….
After the lecture I spent a little time on my entries for the P3 competition and then went to the Iron Arena to pick up a game with my Trolls.
More to follow …….


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