Syntherion with double Axiom

Posted: January 19, 2015 in Convergence of Cyriss, Gaming

Having got to grips with Aurora I thought I would give Syntherion a run out this evening. I also wanted to try double Axioms and impressive indeed they looked together on the table. My opponent was playing 50pts of Trolls lead by pGrissel.


I felt pretty secure behind my Colossal wall and weathered the storm as the Long Riders came charging in and then bounced back to safety using Grissel’s feat. Despite shooting down a few Fennblades I felt that the Axioms and Syntherion lacked the attacking flair needed to trouble the rather large horde of Trolls so started to look at wining on objectives. After a couple of hours play the table was evenly matched and there still a lot to do. We decided to call the game a draw and put it down as a learning experience.


There is no doubt that Syntherion and double Axioms are a tough nut to crack. A good list for an attrition game where the objectives are small in number and close together. I missed the assassination potential of Aurora but castling behind a wall of Colossal goodness did have a certain appeal. One thing I must bear in mind is where the Axioms spawn their Servitors. I made a few mistakes with this resulting in blocking push lanes for the drag attack. I used Attunement Servitors quite well this time and I think I will paint a few more of these as they are proving to be the most useful of the Servitors. Finally, I learnt that it is possible to get the benefit of Hot Shot on both Axioms if the order of activation is right. This is potentially very hard hitting so well worth thinking about in the future.



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