Kromac enjoys a spot of hog roast

Posted: December 2, 2014 in Circle, Gaming

First game in many weeks on Sunday. I thought it wise to return to my old hunting ground of Hordes with Kromac. Across the table a load of tasty looking bacon in the form of Lord Carver and his little piggies.

We were playing at 35 points and a scenario which I have forgotten as it had little relevance in the game. I advanced my Stalker and Ghetorix into the middle of the board and dared my opponent to mosh pit in the middle. The piggies were not shy and two Road Hogs plus a War-Hog took up the challenge. What followed was a bloody tit for tat exchange that saw all the heavies wiped out.


In closing exchanges Kromac spotted his chance to take Carver. He beasted out, leapt over the few remaining Brigands, and made short work of the boss hog.

It was a close game. I feel the Ghetorix was the difference between the forces. He was able to smash the War- Hog with nonchalant ease, and while he go down, it took almost an entire piggy activation to remove him.
I really enjoyed the game and felt some of the old enthusiasm for gaming return. Hopefully I can get some more games in soon.

  1. Nice blog, good to have you back

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