Nurgle Daemons are back.

Posted: September 30, 2014 in Daemons, Gaming

Thought I would play some 40K this week. My gaming group are still using 6th which is fine by me. It was also a chance to use a lava-scape gaming mat that I acquired recently.
Across the table 1750 of Chaos Space Marines with a Khornate theme. The game was Big Guns with 5 objectives.I got first turn, parked a load of Plague Bearers on the nearby objectives, set the Icon Plague Drones up as my delivery system, and put the Soul Grinders in good positions to Phlegm my opponent.


As you might expect from two Chaos forces the action was pretty brutal in the centre of the table. The Drones were destroyed by Kharn and a squad of berserkers although they did get my toads on the board. My Soul Grinders were my most effective unit chipping away at the enemy and absorbing a lot of fire power. My Great Unclean One had a terrible game not turning up until late, mishaping back into reserve and then finally landing well out of the action. Looking on the bright side he did survive untouched and got me the line breaker objective.
It was a nice change to play some 40K and it looks like I’ll be playing some more next week as well.
At the end of the game I had managed to secure two objectives to my opponents one to take the game.


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