Battle on the outskirts – Martians rampant!

Posted: August 24, 2014 in All Quiet on the Martian Front, Gaming

A great game of AQOTMF today. 1500 points a side and scenario one from the book. Across the table Field Marshall Dreads.



The objective of the game was to get my Tripods into the human town and drive the feeble maggots out. I decided to play aggressively and put everything into the table and advance relentlessly with no mercy! The Martians got off to a great start destroying the human command tank in turn 1. The humans could only chip the paintwork of the advancing Martians and by the end of the turn they had made good progress toward the town.


In the middle of the game the Martians looked dominant, but a determined close range onslaught from the Yanks saw them take out a scout ‘Pod and damage two others. It looked as though there might be a tight finish but two unforeseen events put the Martians in a very strong position. Firstly, the Lobototons kicked into action blasting and slicing their way through the surprisingly dangerous Dough boys – not bad for a horde of mindless zombies! Secondly a few dodgy morale checks by the Yanks were capitalised on by the scuttling Martian ‘pods. This was compounded by the serendipitous discovery that it was possible to break a unit and then use the second movement to move with 3ins of the routers resulting in them panicking and dispersing.


In the dying action of the game the Martians all but eradicated the Yanks securing a comprehensive victory. It was a good game and with the scenario rules there was a depth to the play not present in the first couple of games played. We are planning on playing out all of the scenarios in the book and already looking forward to the next one 🙂





  1. 172fixer says:

    Great gaming table! Love the sunken country roads. 🙂

  2. lol Dave looks like his had to many probes.

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