Magic – Evasive Maneuvers and the return of Infect

Posted: August 15, 2014 in Gaming, Magic the Gathering

A couple of epic 3-player games of Commander last night. In the first I used the Evasive Maneuvers Commander deck and in the second a new incarnation of the Infect deck I have played in standard.
The Evasive Maeuvers deck is something new for me. I’ve tended to play black, red and green but have one eye on developing a blue deck in the near future. I knew this deck was not the best as it stands but there are good cards in it to start to get to grips with blue. In the game itself I found the desk frustrating to begin with as it seemed to lack a focused strategy and the big hitters needed to force a win. As the game developed I found it to be a reasonably effective deck in locking down opponent ‘s creatures and there seemed to be a few flyer options that might sum to something interesting. The deck really isn’t me but I’m going to play it a few more times and then either trade it away or take it in a new direction more to my liking. The game was a close one but I never really threatened.
In the second game I played an Infect deck led by Glissa. Given Glissa’s ability with artifacts I put quite a few in the deck and along with the Phyrexian element a couple of big hitting Demons. One of my opponents was playing a Sliver deck that I’ve had trouble with in the past so initially I focused on taking out the Slivers and it was long until my trampling creatures were wracking up the poison counters on that player. Once this threat was eliminated I was feeling confident and started out attacking the other player. This proved to be a much tricker proposition and we played through a couple of board wipe cycles until we were both hanging in there with just a few points remaining. In the event my opponent pulled a good card to finish the game and pulled me down. I have to say I much preferred playing the Infect deck and there were glimpses of real danger when it got going. I’ve got a few more cards on order for it so looking forward to giving it another go next time.


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