More painting Mojo ….

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Infinity, Painting and Modelling

Spurred on by my success with Karchev I got stuck into my Infinity Suryat and Med-Tech droid this evening.
The Suryat is a strange miniature. I’m not keen on his hunting knife which is crossed over the HMG and his pose is just, well, a bit odd. The studio scheme is unusual too with his pinky red and brown heavy armour, but I’m trying to keep my Combined Army faithful to the original work as much as possible. Not my favourite miniature or paint job but I’m sure he will see action as I’ve found him to be a decent alternative Lieutenant to the Charontid.
I’m much happier with my Med – Tech. The model has a wonderful creepy bio-tech feel. I’m also pleased with the way the pastels I used have given the models a grubby organic look along with some non-metallic metal and true metallics to give it an artificial feel too. I’ll certainly be revisiting the pastel technique for some of the Shavasti and Exrah models in the army.


  1. Oooh aaah love the med-tech’s. But the morat dude looks odd he needs both of his hands on the gun me thinks looks like he’s trying to saw off the barrel. 😉

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