Return of the painting mojo?

Posted: August 12, 2014 in Circle, Infinity, Khador, Painting and Modelling, Tournaments

Yes, it’s official : I’ve lost my painting mojo! A lot of real-life stuff has got in the way over the last 2 -3 months. I did start a number of projects but little got completed and my painting area got into a terrible mess. So, in the spare moments over the last couple of days I had a good tidy up and laid out the ongoing projects I want to finish or make significant progress on right now. I’m hoping this will reignite the flame and I’ll get some nice stuff done before the summer is out.
The projects, in no particular order, are : Broken Karchev, Suryat, Mech Droid, Raicho, Extreme Ghetorix and Vlad 3 .
Poor old Karchev has been in pieces on the side of my desk for months since Harkevich became my Khador caster of choice and then I shelved the faction in favour of Circle. This simply is not the right state of affairs for the great man and he must be returned to a fit fighting state. The Infinity miniatures are for the ongoing campaign and I would like to see them on the tabletop
soon. The final two pieces are ear-marked for SMOGCON 2015 as potential entries in the painting competition. While chatting to Jon Webb at the 2014 event he recommended preparing 5 – 6 pieces and then narrowing down to the best for some final tlc. To me that sounded like a great strategy and it should generate some nice models for play if nothing else.







Without further ado I decided to go for a quick win and get Karchev put back together this evening. When I first made him I was lazy with pinning and hence why he ended up in such a state. I set about him with drill, brass rod and superglue and after an hour he was in a much better shape. It’s not the neatest job in the world and his pose could be better, but the main thing is pride has been restored and he is ready to kick butt should I decide to bring him out of retirement.



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