Infinity Campaign is back with a fracas in the Combined Army Camp

Posted: August 10, 2014 in Gaming, Infinity

It’s been a while but it was time to play another campaign game this evening. Across the table a new opponent also playing Combined Army. We opted for 250 points and a number of beat ’em up objectives to reflect a bust up in the Combined Army barracks. I elected for a Suryat lieutenant while across the table the EI was keeping an eye on the mutiny in the ranks through a Charontid.
The game started well for me with the Suryat perched nicely at the top of a watch tower allowing him to pepper the opposition with his HMG. However, on the other side a Malignos popped up in a similar position and put down some withering fire of his own. As the game went on the opposition gained an advantage and when the Charontid got into the action it was clear I was in trouble.



It was time to take a gamble so my Rasyat made a combat jump in behind enemy lines. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of dropping him too close to the Charontid who alerted the Malignos to the surprise attack. As it turned out the Rasyat made a brave attempt at taking down the Charontid and it was only saved by the valor rule before the Malignos took him down. At this stage the writing was on the wall and when I lost my Daturazi Witch-soldier Retreat was inevitable. In the closing action I was able to take the Charontid with a shot from my Corax spec op. Nonetheless it left my opponent in control of the board and in securing the booty crate at the centre of the board he ran out a 3 – 1 winner on objectives.

I enjoyed the game and it was interesting to play against the Combined Army for a change. Hopefully more campaign action to follow.

  1. Very well painted models as always, I particularly liked the crate šŸ˜‰

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