Combined Army bag a brace of wins

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Gaming, Infinity

Played two quick 175 point non-fussy games of Infinity this evening. I’m feeling more confident with the rules and with a 4 x 4 table the action is fast and furious. We turned around the results in record time. The use of some larger solid terrain also simplified LOF. I am thinking we are nearing an optimal table layout for an interesting but practical game with what is in the pic below.
My opponent was playing Pan-O and brought a tasty Holy Order link team to the table, along with and a rather scary dude with an anti-tank weapon. I was determined to field my Suryat and Gakis in both games to see how they would perform.
In the first game my Gaki was gunned down pretty quick but the Suryat did a good job with his HMG taking down a few models. The stars of the show turned out to be the Shrouded and Malignos though. They took out most of the enemy with a mixture of sneaky sniping and antipersonnel mines.
The second game was much faster. In the main this was due to my opponent placing his link team in the open. This allowed my Shrouded to Rambo through a whole turn worth of orders to take them down. The poor old Suryat was blown apart by the aforementioned anti-tank weapon. The Gakis faired little better being taken down in ARO as they used their impetuous orders.
This evening proved to me it’s possible to play fast and furious Infinity matches. I quite liked the Suryat as a lieutenant choice. He’s tough but not a huge number of points. The Gakis were not great so I will need to be much more skilful in how I use them in future. However, at 6 points a go it’s really not the end of the world when they die. I’m not sure where to from here. I’m won’t be playing for a couple of weeks so that will give me time to catch up on the painting. I might dig out some more of the mdf terrain I have stashed away too. All good fun đŸ™‚



  1. Leeman says:

    Your terrain looks great! I look forward to seeing more of your stuff painted up, too!

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