Double Whammy for Combined Army

Posted: May 4, 2014 in Gaming, Infinity

Two games of Infinity this evening and two beatings for the Combined Army. This time we elected to play on a 4 x 4 board and without lieutenant. The smaller board speeded up the early game and although the lack of a lieutenant simplified the action I missed the extra order and that dimension. The game was against Yu Jing and I was introduced to the clever trick of popping a smoke grenade and placing a HMG with Multispectral Visor inside to avoid effective AROs. Nasty.
In the second game we played a three way and a Tohaa army joined the fray. I’ve not played Tohaa before (or Yu Jing for that matter) and they seemed to have a few tricks up their sleeve. Having said that most factions do so, so no real surprises. In this game we saw again how the ARO situation can be quite brutal in a three way. The Tohaa brought a lot of destructive heavy flamer action to the table. However the models thus equipped seemed be gunned down in the act of using them, so it turned out to be a kamikaze like strategy. I also learnt how a prone model in an elevated position can nicely benefit from cover when shot at from below.
In both games I used my WCD Vector Operator. Although I’m rather disappointed with the model it was great fun in the game. The Super Jump skill made it very manoeuvrable and his Level 2 Multispectral visor was very useful. On top of that it’s armour of 3 made it quite survivable. It will definitely be back in the list next time.




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