Bushido – Savage Wave part 7

Posted: April 18, 2014 in Bushido, Painting and Modelling

My first game of Bushido is still yet to happen but it is penciled in two weeks from now. That should give me time to get a decent starter force painted. I’ve settled on 35 Rice of models plus an additional Bakemono which I believe I might need for summoning purposes. All of these models now have at least base colours and the bases done so are ready to use. I would like to have them all finished for the game though.
I couldn’t resist buying some Far East terrain as well. I picked up a Sarissa Precision Tori gate and Japanese style bridge. Nice kits although the bridge was a bit of a pig to glue together. There are also some nice Buddha statues that I picked up for just a couple of quid on eBay. A longer term project will be to make a board with a Japanese garden feel to it but I want to get the basics in place first.





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