Infinity – Combined Army Successfully Advance into Nomad territory

Posted: April 14, 2014 in Gaming, Infinity

Played my first game of Infinity for a long time. It was great! 175 pts of Combined Army against Nomads on my newly constructed Towers and Platforms. We played in a casual manner getting a feel for the rules rather than playing strictly by the book. We also used an old unofficial set of mission cards I had in my case to stop game being a sniping match. My mission was to advance into enemy territory while my opponents turned out to be recovering cubes from my troops. It was great fun.


In the early stages there was a spot of long range sniping as the forces moved into the battle zone. I was horrified when my lieutenant was shot as he descended a ladder but luckily my medic was following up and patched him up. Just goes to show how important those doctors can be!
After a couple of turns I decided to make my move by revealing my Shrouded. Occupying a high position and taking advantage of his Thermo Optic camouflage he was able to move across a central bridge shooting down the more vulnerable Nomads with near impunity.
It was not long before the Nomads were forced into a Retreat situation. The Shrouded moved into the Nomad deployment zone while the rest of the Combined army advanced into a scenario winning position.

Sadly the Shrouded was eventually killed by a Nomad Zero as he escaped from the battlefield but he had done the damage needed to create a 2 – 0 win.
I really enjoyed playing Infinity again. When I first played the game I had come from a Warhammer Fantasy background and it was such a contrast it was very hard to tune in to the game. Having played a lot of skirmish games since it felt much more natural this time. The terrain worked well although I need a few more ladders to facilitate moving up and down levels. A House rule that naturally developed was not allowing line of fire through girders and I think another good one would be treating the railings as solid . This would mean models could go prone behind them to block line of fire.
Looking forward to more Infinity soon πŸ™‚

  1. Leeman says:

    You have a wonderful looking table and the models also look fantastic!

  2. Wow that’s some cool looking scenery. Infinity is starting to temp me!

  3. nurgleonbass says:

    Do it Ken, you know you want to πŸ˜‰

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