Nurgle Daemons Demolish the Emperor’s finest …. again!

Posted: March 24, 2014 in 40k, Daemons, Gaming, Uncategorized

A game of 40K this evening. Space Marines across the table against 1.75K of Nurgle’s rotters. I decided to play the strategy which has worked well recently. Park a medium sized unit of Plague Bearers on an objective, Soul Grinders laying down covering fire, Plague drones getting an icon up the board and Deep Strike remaining units into aggressive positions.
In the first turn I had a stroke of luck with a Phlegm bombardment scaring a squad of Marines off the back edge. Everything else pretty much went to plan and when my Daemon Prince immobilised the Marines Landraider that was carrying a large and dangerous squad it looked like game over for the Marines. The Great Unclean One joined the battle late but his intervention saw the Daemons claiming an objective deep in the Marines territory. We called it a day and tallying the scores the Daemons had won 11 -3. I’m enjoying the Nurgle Daemons more now that I’m playing more aggressively. I must get the models at least built though – lots of them are falling apart which is a tad embarrassing!




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