Kromac strikes again

Posted: March 23, 2014 in Circle, Gaming

A 35 point game of Warmahordes this week. I decided to get Kromac out and across the table pGaspy with a horde of Cryx infantry. I didn’t like the look of this but a large forest near the centre of the table and the Stalkers ability to cut through infantry gave me hope.


The Cryx rushed forward and were split by the forest. On my right a big group of Bane Thralls with Tartarus looked very threatening while on my left Satyxis Raiders and Mechanithralls were the threat. I used my Stones to whittle them down and block charge lanes while the Stalker and Kromac got into position. I put Kromac as far forward as I dared intent on casting Bestial to close down Gaspy’s spells. The Stalker managed to get into the Bane Thralls and wiped out quite a few. It was hard work but the plan was coming together nicely.


This was one of those games where everything came together nicely. Kromac had closed down the Cryx magic, the Stalker was scything through the infantry and the stones were doing a great job supporting my offensive game from range and simply getting in the way of the Cryx assault on Kromac. I gradually took down the horde of Infantry and with hiding places running out my opponent threw in the towel. A good game and very happy with the result.>


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