SMOGCON 2014 – part 5

Posted: March 2, 2014 in Gaming, Tournaments

A combination of still suffering from a cold, the rugby and the need to paint my PHR Hades for the Golden Thrall saw me sneaking back to the hotel room for a couple of hours in the afternoon. This was a feature I really enjoyed about SMOGCON : there was always something going on but it was possible to retreat for a bit and chill out. Anyway, I got a rest, saw England beat Ireland and painted the Hades. Result!
In the evening we went for a curry and met a nice bloke called Mark who had put a fantastic Retribution ‘jack into the Golden Thrall. Ken got experimental with his curry which looked as though it had been contaminated with necrotite, while we kept a close eye on Tim and his shandy consumption for fear of having to carry him home.

After the curry it was back to the hotel for a few beers and King of Tokyo. This was great fun enhanced by Tim’s authentic Manga cries of ‘Kraken’ and ‘fist him’ every time he got a chance to go on the attack (he had moved from shandy to lager by now). Towards the end of the session Nepalese Ninja, Conrad Gonsalves no less, joined us and there was much hilarity as he struggled with the dilemma of whether or not to ‘come out’ when in Tokyo City. Great game – I’ll be on the look out for a copy.



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