SMOGCON 2014 – part 3

Posted: February 27, 2014 in Gaming, Tournaments, Trollbloods

After playing a couple of games of Warmahordes, the cold I had, a bad nights sleep plus early start and lack of food, got the better of me. I grabbed some lunch then retired to bed to regroup for the evening session.
By this stage Ken was looking for a game of Warmahordes so we decided to have a 50 point game in the SMOGPIT over a couple of pints. Ken’s dirty Menoth frustrated my Trolls and he looked likely to walk away with an easy win. Unfortunately for the Menites eKreoss came a bit too close to the action while attempting to maximise his feat bubble. A Bomber stepped up to the mark nailing him with a couple of well placed shots. It was a good game and a nice change to be playing at a casual pace amongst so many like minded gamers over beers. A quick look around the venue showed it to still be alive even though it had gone midnight. A real pleasure to be finishing day 1 like this.



  1. Reblogged this on bluesquareman and commented:
    SMOGCON 2014 was awesome, look forward to next year already. Played tonnes of High Command and a Bushido demo (next project!) as well as playing Menoth vs Troolbloods below. Met a load of fun gamer too.

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