Hades makes debut against Shaltari

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Dropzone Commander, Gaming

1500 point game this evening and a chance to get the Hades on the table. We played the first scenario from the book and I was a little disturbed to see there were more Shaltari infantry than PHR.
The Hades marched onto the table and had a long road that spanned the whole table to make its advance on. At 6inches per turn it made reasonable progress and by the end of the game made it into my opponents half of the table. As it went it knocked a few buildings around and destroyed a couple of enemy tanks . However, once it made it to the other side of the board the massed fire of the Shaltari took it down.
But what really mattered was the battle in the buildings between the infantry. There were a number of complex CBQs during the game but the Shaltari were always ahead on numbers and their superior armour saw them grab a couple of objectives and hold onto them to the end.
So, the end result was a 2 – 0 win to the Shaltari. It was a good game and there were a few lessons to learn. First up 1500 points is a bit much – this game took 4+ hours to play. I’m beginning to think the sweet spot might be around 1250 for DZC. That gives a decent number of options but doesn’t make the game so complex. Secondly, the Hades is good but I wouldn’t say it is broken or invincible. I think it needs to concentrate on taking out slow moving targets. It struggled against skimmers and without demolition weapons it’s not a building squasher. Finally, the key to this game was very much the infantry. In the early games of DZC I always took loads of infantry and found I could dominate the objective game. I need to take more in the future. Oh, nearly forgot – I played a couple of Erobos. They were nice. Relatively fast moving debuffers so something a bit different for PHR and they did quite well.





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